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 May 2007 Movie Screening: "Throne of Blood" (Macbeth)

June 2007 The Merry Widow lecture with Dr. Stephen DubberlyThe Dallas Opera Road Trip to Frau Margot Amici di Opera Wine Tasting at Times TenMovie Screening: "The Merry Widow"

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Vol. XXVI 

  Standing-room Only

Amici/JADE Mixer at Nobu    While performing arts organizations around the globe work to attract younger audiences, The Dallas Opera has reached new heights with the boldly diverse young professionals' group, Amici di Opera. Lawyers, marketers and one hilarious internist all set aside their differences to celebrate a common bond –the opera.

   Over 230 members come together each month to take advantage of their S.E.A.T. – Social and networking events, Educational talks, Ambassador and leadership opportunities and, of course, T icket discounts. Amici di Opera social events range from elegant wine tastings, like last season’s deliciously informational wine and cheese pairing at the Mozzarella Company, to rambunctious parties like the 2006-2007 Season Launch party at the exclusive Candleroom. As Amici members demonstrated at the “Opera at the O-bar” social, if you can’t take the party to the opera, take the opera to the party! If you like to mix it up, you’ll be well received at the organizational mixers, like the Amici di Opera and JADE Mixer at Nobu Restaurant, complete with sushi hors d’oeuvres and pineapple saki – served in a wooden box, no less.

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 Where in the World is Graeme?

 Summer Movies

 Did you know?

The concrete structure of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts underground parking garage is now complete (the garage will accommodate approximately 600 cars) and the concrete structure of the McDermott Performance Hall of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House is complete to nearly half of its final height.

Wigging Out with David Zimmerman 

David ZimmermanTDO: You are a native of Dallas becoming as well-known in New York and Hollywood for your exceptional talents as a wig and make-up designer.  You’ve served on the staff of the Metropolitan Opera Association and worked numerous Broadway shows including “Wicked,” “Jane Eyre,” “Rocky Horror,” “Evita,” and the most recent revival of “Showboat.”  Your personal client list includes the likes of Deborah Voigt and Martha Stewart and you have just concluded your first season with The Dallas Opera.  In a very short time, you’ve done it all: operas, Broadway musicals, movies, international magazine covers – what’s your favorite part so far?

Zimmerman: Just the experience of being on the edge of this exciting life.

TDO: On the edge?  You appear to be smack in the middle of it!  For example, you recently did a prestigious magazine cover with opera diva Deborah Voigt.  Tell us about that.

Zimmerman: It’s still on the edge, meaning, I get to have the fun without dealing with the critics and all that.  I don’t have to stand center-stage being looked at by thousands of people.

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The 50th Anniversary Season   The 50th Anniversary Season was "A Season of Masters." With four Dallas Opera premieres and one little ditty about a Barber in a city, it was everybody's season. Would the compelling sets of Verdi’s Nabucco outstand the hijinks of Rossini’s classic, The Barber of Seville? Could the highly praised singers in Donizetti’s Mary, Queen of Scots out-dramatize Veronica Villarroel, in Puccini’s La Rondine? I think we can all agree that it was a marvelous season, however, your favorite production of the 2006-2007 season was none other than:

The knight-with-no-name, the sultan-of-swans, Richard Wagner’s Lohengrin.

Here are the results of the online poll from last months newsletter:

Nabucco: 21%
The Barber of Seville: 25%
Mary, Queen of Scots:  12%
La Rondine: 8%
Lohengrin: 34%

Video Blogs
General Director Karen Stone

  Bravo 50!

Renee Fleming    The “Death by Diva!” season will mark the return of one of the most sought-after singers of our time, soprano Renée Fleming, for a special gala event celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the now-legendary Maria Callas concert that inaugurated The Dallas Opera in 1957.  The Bravo 50! Concert & Gala, featuring Ms. Fleming and other guest artists, will be held Saturday, November 17, 2007 at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center located in the Downtown Dallas Arts District.

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Click here for a closer look   As plans for the 50th Anniversary move along, Hermes of Highland Park Village graciously hosted the gala committee for Bravo 5O! with a party on March 15, 2007 to unveil the company's design for a 50th Anniversary commemorative scarf. The gorgeous scarf, titled "Soiree de Gala" will run in limited quantities and is only available through Hermes, Highland Park Village. Proceeds from the scarf will benefit the 50th Anniversary Campaign for The Dallas Opera.

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Spring Fling 

   Irving 's Lyric Stage production of MASTER CLASS on April 22nd gave Guild members an up close and personal look at the great diva, Maria Callas.  Gail Cronauer's portrayal of the dramatic and complex Callas was penetrating and engaging.  Watching Callas coach the young artists who sang for her Master Class gave us an inside glimpse into what it might be like to appear before a Senate investigating committee.

It also provided a link back to the inception of The Dallas Civic Opera fifty years ago, when Callas performed with Maestro Rescigno at the new company's inaugural concert.

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Upcoming Events

Throne of BloodMovie Screening: "Throne of Blood" 
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Please join us for a special FREE screening of the Japanese take on Macbeth - "Throne of Blood" - at the Angelika Theater at Mockingbird Station. A pre-screening reception will be held from 6:00 - 6:30 PM and the movie starts at 6:30 PM.

"A transposition of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' to medieval Japan. After a great military victory, Lords Washizu and Miki are lost in the dense Cobweb Forest, where they meet a mysterious old woman who predicts great things for Washizu and even greater things for Miki's descendants. Once out of the forest, Washizu and Miki are immediately promoted by the Emperor. Washizu, encouraged by his ambitious wife, plots to make even more of the prophecy come true, even if it means killing the Emperor..."  - Internet Movie Database

The Dallas Opera Road Trip to Frau Margot
Sunday, June 10, 2007

Frau MargotJoin The Dallas Opera on a road trip to our neighbors to the West for the World Premiere of Frau Margot by Thomas Pasatieri. Set in 1938, Frau Margot tells the story of a troubled widow haunted by the memory of her husband. After agreeing to let a young composer complete her husband's unfinished opera, Margot discovers that the love interest of the opera is her friend and companion, Kara, subject of her late husband's extramarital affections. These revelations cause Margot to lose her grip and slip into insanity. Performed in English.

Tickets are $50 (Best Available) and can be purchased by calling 214-443-1000. A FREE bus to Ft. Worth will be available for the first 50 people who make a reservation.

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